The coffee roaster pants

March 14, 2012

We feel a great satisfaction to be able to announce that the project known as “The coffee roster pants” has been completed and delivered. For those of you who haven’t heard about this project until now, this is what its about. It all started with the local coffee roasters called Johan & Nyström that has been working hard to create good tasting coffee of the highest quality, this is acquired through a process called slow roast meaning that the coffee will be roasting for 12-15 minutes, simply because good tasting coffee needs time to be able to taste that way. This process is made possible using an old coffee roaster machine from 1956. Anyway Johan & Nyström has a number of 15 employees working at the roastery, and the idea of allowing them to work in custom made denim pant inspired by the old times came up when we got in contact with them because we had the idea of carrying good coffee at Unionville, for those interested in having a talk and sitting down for a cup. So we thought it would be a great idea to build a bridge between the quality thinking between their enthusiasm behind coffee, and our for the love of good denim. So me and my brother of Blue Highway sat down with the mission to create a pair of work pants suitable to wear during the everyday work preformed by a coffee roaster. That’s how the project was born. And here are some pictures of the final product. We call it “The coffee roaster pant”




































































































About the design features; the main object was to create a pair of work jeans that’s suitable to wear for long days and hard wear. So we decided to use a thick 14oz redline right hand twill with a deep indigo color. A fabric that’s durable and which will wear out nicely with time, and also its of the same type used in work clothes in USA around the middle of the last century.

The fit is a high rise with a wider leg, a true 40s style, much like early dungarees. We constructed the pants using one type of copper coloured thread and at some places we decided to use triple needle seams for more durability. Although this is not made using a triple needle chainstitch machine, we did it using our one needle lockstitch. It sure took some time but we felt very pleased with the result. The back pocket design is made inspired by an old French workwear design from the 40s, wear the side of the backpocket is fastened in the sideseem. This allows the wearer to have easy access to the backpocket, even if you are carrying tools seated down. One of the detail was to turn the yoke seam downwards instead of upwards which is the more common, this will allow your hand to slip down more easy in the backpockets, without a edge that could be annoying.

For the front we choose to use classic patchpockets, because we wanted to produce this jeans without a thinner cotton fabric for the pocketlining, since the pocket lining surely wouldn’t last many weeks used by hard working labourers. As well, the back bocket as the front pockets are reinforced on the inside using a thick cotton fabric. And total of 14 bartacks will ensure that the edges of pockets and the crotch will last for hard wear. And to reinforce the front even more and to add the true feeling of classic denim workwear we put a rivet in the crotch and one in the corner of the watchpocket, for the backpocket there are no rivets, this means no scratches that may ruin furniture or car seats.

And that’s what its all about, the thing about this project which made it particularly interesting for us was the work put down from a sketch to a final product that will be used as workwear, similar to what jeans were used for back in the early 20th century. And it’s sort of what we would like Blue Highway to be: simple, functional and usable for a long time to come. For now it will be interesting to see how these 15 pairs of Coffee roaster pants will turnout one year from now.


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