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A short introductin and some inspiration.

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Edwin x Unionville – First Soak

Fredrik went down to Calafell in Spain last week to do the first soak of his Edwin Unionville pants.



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The history of Vibram soles

The invention made to save life that today has grown to became a symbol for function and quality throughout the world.

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Edwin x Unionville & Sivletto

We feel honoured to be the first stores ever to be allowed to do a collaboration based on the fit of the Edwin Nashville pant. Which through the years has became a classic with its slightly high rise and traditional fit made out of a 14oz Japanese redline selvedge.

Get your pair on-line! Or visit our shop at Katarina Bangata 69 in Stockholm Sweden.


Mentions in media #8

Unionville was chosen by the magazine Metro as one of the places in Stockholm to go for the most “discussed, odd and satisfying culture experiences”.  The article was published on the 15th of July 2011. Read more »

Mentions in media #7

Joshy D. from the San Franciso based label Rebel8 visited Unionville one summer’s day. Then he wrote about it on the Rebel8 blog. You’re always welcome back Joshy!


70s Vintage Red Wing Irish Setter Boots

On display in our store right now:  a pair of Vintage Red Wing Irish setter sport boots from the 70s! Read more »

Sympathy for the Devil – Ironheart 18oz

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…


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Nice people in store today

Today Shane from Burg & Schild and Mats from Indigofera Jeans stopped by the store and said hello. Very nice fellas. Check out and support their business.

Fredrik, Douglas, Shane, Mats and Hampus.

Nice pople at Unionville.

Sorry about the bad photo. Iphone you know.

Johnson Woolen Mills

We are proud to announce that we now sell Johnson Woolen Mills. One 30′s style Cape Jacket and two different vests in nice checked wool fabrics. The Johnson Woolen Mills tradition reaches back to 1842 when local farmers brought their wool there to have it woven into cloth. In an age when fashions change overnight and markets vanish almost as fast, Johnson Woolen Mills have rarely changed their main product line.


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Party! Unionville 6 months

This Wednesday, the 20th of July, we will throw a party at Debaser Slussen here in Stockholm. It’s free and you’re all welcome!

Hey ho let's go
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A letter arrived…

A while back Japan was hit by the forces of nature, with devastating consequences. Help was needed. Our customers kindly donated money, as did the staff at Unionville and Sivletto. The company itself also donated a sum. Read more »

Mister Douglas in Mister Freedom

Douglas outside the Unionville store, wearing a Veste Ouvrier and the Pantalon Ouvrier Indigo. A real handsome devil, if we might say so ourselves.

Spellbound – Made in Japan

The brand was born in 1981 at Kojima, Okayama Prefecture; the birthplace of Japanese jeans. Placing values on material, sewing, processing, and workmanship handed down over generations in this district, Spellbound aim to add the “present equals innovation” in their creations.

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Levi’s old Type 1 jacket repair #1

A customer has handed in this Levi’s Type 1 denim jacket for repair.

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