Unionville – We Repair Jeans

Are you as sad as us when your fav pair of jeans rips? Don’t be, now we proudly present Unionville repairing service. We can repair almost everything. All repairing is made in-store by the skillful guys from Blue Highway, Douglas and Hampus.

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Unionville – We Sell Jeans

Looking for how to shop on-line?

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Favourite music: The Oblivians – Guitar Shop Asshole

Unionville vs Chrismas 1-0

Here are the open hours for Unionville this week: 12pm to 6pm everyday.
We are closed the 24th, 25th and 26th of december.
Next week: 12pm to 6pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 12pm to 8pm on thursday. Closed on new year and jan 1st.
So, if you need a new pair of jeans for new years eve. Welcome in and we will help you find the right pair.

Grand Opening Party Photos by Peter and Minna Oddson

Our friend Mark stopped by.
This way for more pics

Warpath Leather Goods in store, NOW!

The belts was stuck in swedish customs during the opening but has finally arrived. Matt from Warpath Leather Goods has done a amazing job. What do you think?

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Mentions in media #5

Some blogs have done features on our grand opening last Saturday.
Thanks for coming, and thanks for writing about Unionville!

Vintage (a love story)

Denim – det bara blev så


Okiya, Denim & Garments

And as a bonus, a special mention in media (only in Swedish):

Levi’s Vintage Clothing – Barnyard Jean

The Barnyard jean are now in store. We usually don’t sell pre-washed jeans but this time we just had to. This is Barnyard, a reproduction of a pair of jeans from the Levi’s archive. They are sold in a duck apron, perfect to wear in the kitchen when making the christmas herring.
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Visual report #10

Less then 24 hours to the grand opening of Unionville!

The theme for this report is “Those fantastic men with their fantastic machines”. Enjoy!


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Visual report #9

Only a few days left until the grand opening of Unionville.
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Visual report #8

To get things extra supernice and done in a very professional way, we called the guys at Retro Måleri.

wallpaper, coming up #1

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Brands at Unionville #7

At Unionville you will also find the Swedish brand Denim Demon.

To Denim Demon, jeans mean so much more than an easy way to make a fast buck. They are about passion, culture and heritage. Also, they believe that in order to do something genuine and sincere, it has to come from your heart; and since their own hearts originate from the Sami culture, this is where are their inspiration comes from and can be found throughout the Denim Demon range.

Denim Demon jeans were founded by Oskar, Anton and Patric, three brothers and their father Kjellåke, a true home grown family business. The family’s roots come from Jämtland, a county 700 kilometres north of Stockholm in Sweden. Jamtland is one of the main counties that the Sami people call home; although they stretch across Norway, Finland, Russia and Sweden. The Sami are one of the largest indigenous cultures in Europe with a history dating back over 2000 years. Reindeer herding, handicrafts and handmade clothing are the principle businesses. The Sami are inherently tough people who withstand the harsh conditions, in winter it is known to drop to -40 degrees celsius with only a few hours of daylight, but this does not stop them from tending to their herds.

The progress of the store

Today Levi’s and their craftsmen from Amsterdam finished the LVC part of the store. They did one helluva work. A big thanks to Viktor, Nils from Levi’s for the big support.
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Brands at Unionville #6

Another brand have joined the Unionville family. We welcome Mike Hodis and his Rising Sun Jeans to Stockholm.


Brands at Unionville #5

Unionville is all about mens clothes. Clothes that are made with passion and with huge attention to details. We love the hand-craft that these brands and persons put in to the garments. Unionville is our salute to those. Timeless style, from the 50′s, the pre-war era, the Great Depression and even earlier. Read more »